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Q&A Session on the Environment, Wisdom and Finding a Teacher (Podcast Episode #006)

Today we are happy to bring you the sixth episode in the new Podcast series containing selected talks and teachings by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa. This episode is from the Karmapa’s recent visit to the Root Institute in Bodhgaya. His Holiness has been visiting the center for years to give short teachings, but on this occasion decided to hold a question and answer session instead. Students asked His Holiness questions about practice, definitions of wisdom, and working with a teacher. It was a lovely event where the Karmapa shared some very practical advice with the students present. You can get the podcast here on iTunes or simply download the episode right here. Please make sure you subscribe in iTunes to be notified of new episodes.

A Memorandum Submitted to the Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh Requested the Return of Karmapa to Sikkim


The Hon'ble MLAs Shri Prem Singh Tamang , Shri Kunga Nima Lepcha and Ven. Sonam Lama has placed a memorandum to Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh seeking justice to the Buddhism followers of Sikkim. Please note - Sangha MLA Ven. Sonam Lama has raised this issue several times in SLA to bring His Holiness to his devine seat at Rumtek Monastry at East Sikkim.
We are proud to be his followers who doesn't care any barriers to give justice to religious sentiments of Sikkim.

Animal Medical Camp Wrap-Up Completed

Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya 22nd April, 2016

This month the Animal Medical Camp team concluded their activities.  Even though the main animal camp took place during the last two weeks of December, a small team returned this month to “mop up”, that is to perform surgery on females who were pregnant in December, and puppies who were too young to undergo surgery then.  This follow-up work is very important in order to prevent a new round of dogs becoming pregnant before the camp returns next December.
This year the core camp facilities– operating theatre, recovery room, pharmacy and administration– were relocated to larger premises in new rooms created below the extended Monlam Pavilion stage.
The street dog sterilisation and anti-rabies programme continued. After three years of the programme, its impact is now evident. Nearly all the street dogs in Bodhgaya have been sterilised and treated, and tourists report a big difference in the health of the dogs and a decrease in the dog population. It …

Morgan Freeman's interview with the Karmapa in The Story Of God

Morgan Freeman's interview with the Karmapa in The Story Of God
大寶法王噶瑪巴與摩根·弗里曼在《摩根.費里曼之神的萬物論》中的訪談 (內容由噶舉祈願辦事處擇錄)

Morgan Freeman (摩根): You look kinda young for this station. 身居這樣的地位,您看上去太年輕了。

H.H. Karmapa (法王): yes. 是的。

MorganFreeman (摩根): So what is it like? I mean is it alright? 怎麼樣?還可以嗎?

H.H. Karmapa (法王): One way it's meaningful, one way it's a little bit heavy. People have a lot of expectations. 很有意義,同時也有些沈重。人們總是有很多期望。

Morgan Freeman (narration): The expectation is heavy for a thirty-year old man, the Karmapa must teach how to find enlightenment whilst still working to find it for himself. 

Morgan Freeman (摩根):Enlightenment,how does one even begin to form that trial to attain it? 那麼如何開始證悟之路呢?

H.H. Karmapa (法王): wow 哇

Morgan Freeman (摩根): Big question isn't it? 有點大的題目是嗎?

H.H. Karmapa (法王): The first part is maybe you need to recognise yourself, like where are you from and why am I here? 首先你或許應該先認識你自己,比如你從哪裡來?我為什麼會在這裡?

Morgan …

A “Very Buddhist” take on The Story of God: Apocalypse - Patheos

April 6, 2016 by 

I have been fascinated by religion and its associated mythologies, philosophies, and practices for well over half of my life now. I was raised Catholic, but a very liberal Catholic, and when – around the age of 12 or 13 – I was given the choice of going to Church or not, I chose not. Fast forward a few years, and I created a very small community of non-believers, dubbed the “Helena Heretics.” I think I still have an unused email address at yahoo with that name. Then I expanded out to “Montana Freethinkers,” which attracted a few more people. Keep in mind that Montana even now has only around one million people and is geographically larger than Germany. Then I found philosophy. Can I get an amen? Then the study of religions, including Buddhism. Hallelujah. That’s where I am today, a firm believer in the salvific power of education with all of its contemplation, discussion, debate and so on. Whatever we choose to believe at the end of the day, we’re all imm…