JAC petitions PM to allow Karmapa to visit Sikkim - Sikkim Express

Jan 20, 2016 Gangtok
Sikkim Express

A 10-member delegation of Joint Action Committee (All Sikkim Buddhist Organization) met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 18 and submitted a memorandum demanding that the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorjee is allowed to visit Sikkim without any further delay.
The JAC delegation had called on Modi at Raj Bhawan here where he had halted for the night during his two-day visit of Sikkim.
Chief Minister Pawan Chamling had also placed the demand regarding the 17th Karmapa to the Prime Minister during the function at Chintan Bhawan on January 18.
In the memorandum, the JAC reminded the Prime Minister about the repeated requests made to the Union government by the State government to allow the Karmapa to visit Sikkim where his headquarters lie at Rumtek monastery in east district.
The JAC further gave its position on the perceived misconceptions regarding the Karmapa that, it said, seems to make the Union government reluctant on allowing the religious leader to visit Sikkim.
Regarding concern that the Karmapa’s presence in Sikkim would provoke clashes between his supporters and supporters of the rival claimant resulting in law and order problem in the sensitive border State, the JAC maintained that such fear is unfounded.
“The State has a strong and stable government under the dynamic and popular leadership of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and is capable of handling any law and order problem, if at all, which may arise from the Karmapa’s presence in Sikkim. In any case, this fear is unfounded. The State government has, in its many requests to the Centre to allow Karmapa to come to Sikkim, only done so after considering the law and order question thoroughly,” submitted the JAC.
Regarding the rumours circulated by rivals that the Karmapa could be a Chinese agent leading to concerns that his presence in Sikkim would be detrimental to national security, the JAC asserted that such fear is unsubstantiated and demeaning to the people of Sikkim.
“The people of Sikkim are loyal Indian citizens who will not tolerate anti-national activities on their soil and the external borders are heavily and securely guarded. Any fear that the Karmapa may be a Chinese plant to destabilize Sikkim is unsubstantiated and demeaning to the people of Sikkim,” said the JAC.
In the 15 years that the Karmapa has been in India, none of his activities have remotely shown that he is a Chinese plant, it said.
The JAC also mentions in its memorandum that the pending court case regarding Rumtek monastery is a separate issue and does not bar the Karmapa to come to Sikkim and staying in another monastery.
According to a JAC member, the Prime Minister told the JAC delegation that he is aware of the matter and assured the delegation to take up the matter on a serious note.
The JAC has also thanked the Chief Minister for taking up the Karmapa issue with the Prime Minister as one of the major demands from the Sikkim government during the Chintan Bhawan function.


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