Kagyu Monlam Animal Medical Camp

Kagyupa International Monlam Trust Animal Medical Camp. The SARAH division from the Sikkim Department of Animal Husbandry, volunteers from Tibet Charity India andDharamsala Animal Rescue are running a two week animal medical camp and street dog steralisation and anti rabies program for His Holiness Karmapa at the Kagyu Monlam site in Bodhgaya. Fondation Brigitte Bardot has kindly sponsored the program, thanks to Brigitte Auloy.

Source: Catherine Schuetze
January 23,2014
Kagyu Monlam Pavillion, Sujata Bypass Road, Bodhgaya.

Many needy villagers bringing their cows, goats and buffalo for free treatment. Dr Thinlay Bhutia has been dispensing medicine and advice in equal quantity all day.
Leaving the treatment area with free medicines for their only cow which suports their family.
His Holiness 17th Gyalwang Karmapa at the operating theatre blessing the staff.
His Holiness blessing the operating theatre and facilities on the first morning of operations. Dr Gemma is demonstrating an ultrasound pregnancy test on a bitch lined up for surgery to prevent accidentally desexing a pregnant dog (not appropriate in a Buddhist program and at a Monastery facility).
Young children from nearby villages bringing their local dogs for anti-rabies vaccination and treatment for skin disease.
Dr Gemma finalising the amputation of this pup's hind leg. He was hit by a car and his leg was broken and damaged beyond repair. But he will be fine with three legs.
Dr Diki taking a break between surgeries.
Dr Thinlay Bhutia examining a sick buffalo brought in by his concerned carers.
The children proudly displaying their dog's anti-rabies vaccination certificate. Children and dogs live in close proximity in rural villages. Children are at the greatest risk from rabies through dog bites so anti-rabies vaccination campaigns of local dogs is a life saving program.
Our amazing vet-aide team preparing dogs for surgery.
Maneka Gandhi making a lovely speech about how his Holiness is the Spiritual Being of this age come to change the universe. And how we have all been a mouse, fish, cow, dog and we will be again. We are all one.
HH and Maneka sharing a quiet moment.
Dr Thinlay Bhutia speaking on street dog programs and compassion for animals. Great job Thinlay!
The chief guests and all the VIP's walked across the muddy field to the operating theatre which is set up in the Monlam kitchen tent.
Dr Diki Palmu Sherpa guiding His Holiness and Maneka though the operating theatre. She was a great speaker also, explaining each and every aspect of the program.
Relief! It's all over, we can relax. Kunzang-La and I smiling at last.
Maneka Gandhi touring the Mahabodhi Stupa in the morning. Her first visit to Bodhgaya and she was very impressed by the spiritual atmosphere of the Stupa.


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