Programme of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje's Visit to Five Southern Tibetan Refugee Settlements March 2005

Week of March 1st

Mungod Tibetan Settlement

Stay at Karme Shedrup Phelgye-Ling Monastery

  • Visit area monasteries
  • Dharma advice to monks at Drepung Loseling Monastery on cultivation and abandonment
  • Konchok Chidu Amitayus Empowerment at Karme Shedrup
  • Phelgye-Ling Monastery
  • Presentation of cultural show

Stay at Drikung Kagyud Dechen Choeku Ling Monastery

  • Guru Padmasambhava Empowerment
  • Dharma advice to monks on cultivation and abandonment
    Presentation of cultural show
  • Consecration of Thargyen Samphe Ling monastery at Camp No. 4 and visit Thoeling Palden Monastery at Camp No. 5
  • Visit and Consecration of Sakya Tsechen Thamchoe Ling and Purang Shephel Ling Monasteries at Camp No. 1
  • Blessing and consecration of Gonkhang and main temple of Drikung Kagyud Dechen
  • Choeku Ling monastery and Jangchub Choeling nunnery
  • Visit to Hospital
  • Visit Old-Aged Home and give oral transmission of Guru Rinpoche and Chenrezig
  • Visit Central School for Tibetans at Mundgod
  • Tak Chak Chung Sum (Hayagriva, Vajrapani and Garuda) Empowerment for public
  • Presentation of Opera Dance

Week of March 7

  • Reception in Bangalore with Chief Representative and representatives of Kagyudpa Buddhist Council
  • Press Conference
Kollegal Dhonden Ling Settlement

Stay at RBSC Ling Monastery

  • Inauguration of newly constructed Temple of RBSC Ling
  • Mangala Kut Sutra Puja
  • Presentation of Cultural Show
  • Tak Chak Chung Sum (Hayagriva, Vajrapani and Garuda) Empowerment and dharma address for public
  • Consecration of Gomkhang and Temple of RBSC Ling
  • Visit Central School of Tibetans
  • Visit Settlement and Co-operative Society Offices
  • Visit area monasteries

Stay at TTN Choeling Monastery

  • Inauguration of TTN Choeling monastery
  • Mangala Kut Sutra Puja
  • Mahamudra Aspiration teaching at TTN Choeling monastery
  • Medicine Buddha Empowerment
  • Dharma address to monks of TTN Choeling monastery
  • Consecration of TTN Choeling main temple
  • Visit Dzogchen Orgyen Samten Choekorling Monastery
  • Bestow Konchok Chidu empowerment of Kongtrul tradition
  • Talk on love and compassion to general public
  • Cultural Show

Week of March 14

Hunsur Rabgye Ling Settlement

Stay at Palden Dratsang Monastery

  • Visit monasteries in the settlement
  • Long life empowerment for public
  • Cultural Show
  • Audience for aged and handicapped people
Bylakuppe Settlements

Stay at Kamtsang Kagyud Lungtok Tengye Ling Monastery

  • Consecration of Buddha statue in main temple
  • Lighting of butter lamps
  • Presentation of Cultural Show
  • Konchok Chidu empowerment 
  • Visit to Dragyal TL Monastery
  • Visit Old Persons Home
  • Visit Sera Jhe and Sera May
  • Visit Thekchok Namdrol Shedrup Dhargye Ling
  • Dharma advice to monks
  • Visit Tsogey Ling Nunnery

Stay at Drikung Kagyu Thupten Shedrup Jangchub Ling monastery

  • Visit Choede Tashi Lhunpa monastery
  • Visit Drukar Drubgyud L. Ling Monastery
  • Visit Sakya Tsechen Choekor Ling monastery
  • Visit Central School for Tibetans in Bylakuppe
  • Manjusri Oral Transmission
  • Visit SOS Tibetan Childrens Village
  • Manjusri Oral Transmission
  • Consecration of Stupa in old settlement
  • Karmapa Pakshi empowerment
  • Presentation of Cultural Show
  • Visit Dickey Larsoe Settlement and Co-operative Societies Offices
  • Visit Central School in new settlement
  • Manjusri Oral Transmission
  • Bhumi Puja and Foundation Laying Ceremony at the site of proposed temple of DKTSJ Ling monastery
  • Consecration of the main temple stupas and Gomkhang
  • Avalokitesvara empowerment for public
  • South Zone Buddhist Council

Week of March 21

  • Nine Amitayus offering prayer for the long life of the 17th Karmapa performed by Rinpoches of Kagyudpa Buddhist Council
  • Blessing and Consecration of Dickey Larsoe Community Hall
  • Token of thanks Mandala Offering ceremony
  • Cultural Show
Chowkur settlement


Stay in Bangalore

  • Dharma address to Tibetans residing in Bangalore
  • Visit Electronic City
  • Special Audience
  • Prayer for World Peace
  • Cultural Show


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