His Holiness arrives in Varanasi for the Karma Gön Chö Winter Retreat for Debate and Logical Study (December, 2005)

On December 13th, His Holiness traveled from New Delhi to Vajra Vidhaya Insititute in Varanasi. He was welcomed at the Varanasi airport by HE Gyalstab Rinpoche and the Ven. Khenchen Trangu Rinpoche. A large number of disciples also gathered at Vajra Vidhya Institute to receive His Holiness's blessing.
His Holiness is at Vajra Vidhya to preside over the Karma Gön Chö, a winter retreat for all monks from different shedras (Buddhist universities) who which to particpate in intensive debate and logic. His Holiness began by giving teaching to all the monks on "Tsema Rikchung Gyato" composed by Seventh Karmapa Chodrak Gyatso.

While His Holiness is in Varanasi, HE Gyaltsab Rinpoche is offering teachings to His Holiness on the Zamo Nang Dön. On the 18th of December, His Holiness led a practice of the newly composed "Lama Chopa" (Guru Yoga of 16th Karmapa) by HE Gyaltsab Rinpoche along with HE Gyaltsab Rinpoche, Ven Trangu Rinpoche and all the monks.His Holiness is also giving private and public audience at 11:00am and in the afternoon at 2:00pm everyday.
His Holiness's presence at the Karma Gön Chö to Vajra Vidhya Institute in Varanasi is part of his 2005 - 2006 Winter tour (click here for schedule). - Karma Woser Rapten

HH Karmapa Leads Tibetan Community in New Delhi in Prayers After Delhi Bombing and J&K Earthquake (December 12, 2005)

On December 12, 2005, His Holiness Karmapa visited the Tibetan Settlement at Majnukatila in Delhi. At the request of the Tibetan Welfare Office, His Holiness performed special prayers in response to the recent bombing incident in Delhi and the October 8th earthquake which caused such destruction in Pakistan and the Indian side of Kashmir. His Holiness prayed for blessings for those who passed away, for comfort for the injured, and for the good fortune that similar natural and man-made calamities never occur again on this world, the home of sentient beings.
Mr. Lhakpa Tsering of the Tibetan Welfare Officer offered a traditional welcoming khata to His Holiness and with Mr. Phuntsok, the leader of the Tibetan Camp, offered a mandala and ceremonial rice and tea to His Holiness and the attendees. His Holiness led the assembly in special prayers and dedicated the blessing of the prayer gathering specifically to the victims of recent earthquake and Delhi bombing incident. His Holiness also gave advice to the gathering and the transmitted the oral authorization to practice Chenrezig, the supreme embodiment of compassionate activity.

Monks at Vajra Vidhya form a welcoming procession
 for His Holiness who arrived in Varansi on December 13, 2005

His Holiness is welcomed at the Majnukatilia Tibetan camp
 in Old Delhi with traditional musical intruments and decorations

Monks from many Kagyu shedras practice debate 
in the Vajra Vidhya courtyard during Karma Gön Chö Winter Retreat

His Holiness's visit to Majnukatila is part of his 2005 - 2006 Winter tour (click here for schedule). - Karma Woser Rapten


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