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The KARMAPA's daring escape from China keeps hope alive for Tibetans (TIME ASIA)

April 24, 2002  TIME ASIA

More than two years have passed since a 14-year-old monk from Tibet made his dramatic escape over the Himalayas to India and caught the imagination of the world. He was the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, one of Tibet's most important religious leaders. To me, a Tibetan born and brought up in exile in India, news of his escape came like a reviving gust of fresh air that blew away the cloud of confusion and inertia that seemed to have descended upon our decades-old freedom struggle. With that one act of desperation and courage, the Karmapa exposed the Chinese lie that Tibetans were happy and prospering under their rule and that they were free to practice their religion.

Every year, more than a thousand Tibetans continue to risk their lives, defying Chinese-imposed restrictions on travel by secretly making the arduous and dangerous Himalayan crossing into Nepal and India. The Karmapa's escape was different. He was communist China's most prized stooge in Tibet, t…