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The Dalai Lama Reaffirms That There Is Only One Karmapa to the Kagyu Throne, May 4, 1994

[This version: 4 May 1994] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 4 May 1994 01:53:57 +0100 Reply-To: Tibet Interest List Sender: Tibet Interest List From: Michael Farmer Subject: Re: Karmapa/Sharmapa The Press Release below (which was printed on Rumteck Monastery stationary) has been passed to me by Namgyal Tsering, a monk in Situ Rinpoche. He tells me that Situ Rinpoche wishes to see it widely circulated. It was published following some disturbances in Delhi at the time of Tenzin Chentse's "enthronement" ceremony. (Note: spelling and line breaks are as in original document) ============================================================ New Delhi. April 4, 1994 Press Release THE DALAI LAMA REAFFIRMS THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE KARMAPA TO THE KAGYU THRONE The entire Tibetan community were greatly preturbed when a small faction of the Karma Kargyu order of Tibetan Buddhists, on 17 Ma…