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Retrospective of the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa's visits to America (Shambhala)

Remembering the Sixteenth Karmapa's First Visit to AmericaAn account of the first visit by the Sixteenth Karmapa to America in 1974.Excerpted from Warrior King of Shambhala: Remembering Chögyam Trungpa by Acharya Jeremy Hayward.
There had been a tremendous fundraising effort that enabled us to welcome His Holiness [the Karmapa] in a style appropriate to a dharma king. But there was no way we could have known what would actually happen. Perhaps [Chögyam Trungpa] Rinpoche himself did not quite anticipate the effect that His Holiness would have. He had been rather diffident about His Holiness during the years before that, giving us the impression that he was mostly some kind of figurehead. But when His Holiness arrived at the airport in New York, Rinpoche prostrated to him right there on the tarmac, and from that moment on Rinpoche went into an energy state that we had never seen before. Everything changed. At various times throughout Rinpoche's life, every few y…