China likely to see red as Tibetan leader tours Arunachal - Kashmir Monitor

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Agencies:The Chinese authorities were taken by surprise Monday morning after Tibetean spiritual leader Ugyen Trinly Dorje was given a rousing reception in Arunachal Pradesh after the Centre allowed Dorje to visit the border state.

Dorje was received in Arunachal by the Chief Minister Pema Khandu and sister Ngodup Pelzom. It was the spiritual leaders first visit to Arunachal Pradesh and signal's a clear shift in how New Delhi has begun to view Dorje.

Born in 1985 and recognised by the Dalai Lama as the 17th Karmapa, Dorje arrived in India under suspicious and unexplained circumstances in the year 2000. The Indian establishment for long suspected him to be a Chinese plant but after 16 years of being unsure New Delhi seems to be favouring the young spiritual leader.

Among the Tibetan community in India Ugyen Dorje has caught the imagination, especially amongst the youth and keeping his profile in mind the Centre allowed his visit to Arunachal from 28th November to 3rd December, observers feel.

Ugyen is considered by many as the Dalai Lama's heir but this view is contested strongly by the three other claimants to the Dalai Lama's throne.

Within the establishment experts are keenly watching the Chinese reaction to Ugyen's Arunachal visit. Last time when the Dorje spoke against the Chinese in an interview, China responded with a an uncharacteristic stoic silence, once again fuelling speculations in India about Urgyen's leanings.

India and China have been caught in a bitter war or words over Arunancal Pradesh territories with China going to the extent of issuing only stapled visa's to Arunachal residents.


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