Karmapa in Europe 2015 | Good News from the Ticket Shop

Karmapa in Europe 2015

Good News from the Ticket Shop!

As of now, a limited amount of price-reduced tickets is available in our ticket shop!
All info about it in this newsletter and on www.karmapa-europe.eu/en/tickets

Donations received for Karmapa in Europe 2015 enable price-reduced tickets!

Already received donations for Karmapa's this years visit enable a limited amount of tickets Category Blue reduced by 100€
  • Category Blau 350,52€ | 250€

The reduced price is available as of now for a limited amount of tickets.

Special thanks goes to all donors and benefactors that with their generous contribution made this offer possible - For the well-being of the individual and for the well-being of all of us.

Info about tickets and our ticket shop on www.karmapa-europe.eu/en/tickets

Support Karmapas European Visit 2015

Like any event of a non-profit association Karmapas journey is borne by supporters and their donations that help us...
  • to keep the tickets at a moderate price level
  • to cover the travelling cost, transport, accommodation and boarding of Karmapa and his attendants
  • to cover costs for security, ticketing, technology, administration of the event.
You can support Karmapa with making a donation or through purchasing one of our Benefactor TicketsA detailed description of these tickets and the service included you can find on www.karmapa-europe.eu/en/tickets



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