Karmapa in Europe 2015 | Day Tickets - Additional Talk - Audiences:

Karmapa in Europe 2015

Even more Good News!

> DAY TICKETS Now available via the official website!
> ADDITIONAL EVENT on Friday, August 28 | 6pm | Maritim
> AUDIENCE REGISTRATION now & only via the website!

Day Tickets available from now on our website!

As an answer to the many requests - so that, even though on short notice, as many people as possible can meet and experience Karmapa in Bonn. Day Tickets are available only via www.karmapa-europe.eu/en/tickets

❖ Day Tickets - A personal message from the organisation team

Dear Dharma Friends - While planning this years visit of Karmapa, we firmly believed and assumed, that similar to last year, most of the participants of Karmapas teaching would come for the full 4 days and only a small number of participants would have the need for ticket sharing. Since ticket sales started we received much constructive feedback and had fruitful exchange with our dharma friends. As a result we now want to respond to the new situation by providing day tickets!

For our organisation team, which predominantly consists of volunteers, this means more work in an already very short preparation time! But we are happy if as a result we are able to comply with the capacities of time or finances of all interested parties. May as many people as possible can connect with Karmapa on this years visit to Europe. We are very grateful for your understanding and feedback, that is of great importance for the organisation of all future visits of Karmapa! We are looking forward to see you & Karmapa! Wether Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

❖ Sincerely Your Organising Team

Lama Kelzang, Lama Sönam, Horst, Alfred, Dorothea, Reinhard, Stephan, Johannes, Thomas, Anette, Simone, Grace, Judith, Norman, Katja, Hue Ngo, Gabriele, Andrea

Additional Event* with Karmapa:

Environmentalism of the 21st Century
Friday, August 28,
6pm, Maritim Hotel
We are happy that the program with His Holiness is richer by yet another talk - one more opportunity to meet, experience and getting inspired by Karmapa. A detailed description of the topic is available soon on www.karmapa-europe.eu/en/program

*Entry is possible with a 4-Day-Ticket or with a Day-Ticket "Friday Aug 28"

Audience Registration now & only via Website

We are happy, that Karmapa offers time and space for audiences in which we can meet him in a more personal setting. Registration is to be made only our website: www.karmapa-europe.eu/en/karmapa/audience

In order to organise trouble-free, harmonious audiences we ask you to register until August 19th. In order to enable many people to meet Karmapa in an audience, every person can only register for 1 audience! Multiple registrations will be cancelled!

We look forward to seeing you!
We look forward to seeing Karmapa!
  Karmapa in
  Europe 2015


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