Karmapa in Europe 2015 Newsletter

Bonn 27 – 30 August

On behalf of Kamalashila Institut® für Buddhistische Studien und Meditation and the Karma Kagyü Gemeinschaft Deutschland e. V., we are pleased to welcome all friends, students and interested guests to the events accompanying H.H. the XVII. Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s second visit to Europe in August and September 2015.

Love, Compassion, Rejoicing, Equanimity. Without Limit. 

The Main Message of Karmapa’s journey to Europe in 2015 is how to integrate spirituality in everyday life. Since we are living in a world that is becoming smaller while our lives become more and more interconnected, we have to find ways to take more responsibility for our surroundings and create better conditions in general for a peaceful and harmonious co-existence. This is a universal task which is based on the cultivation of a clear vision and a good heart.

Love, Compassion, Rejoicing and Equanimity. Without Limit. The motto of the journey manifests four positive mental attitudes, known as “The Four Immeasurables” within the Buddhist context. They are an essential Buddhist teaching and provide a common basis within all Buddhist traditions. From the Buddhist point of view, all living beings without exception are mutually dependent. Therefore, even in our own interest it makes sense to wish for the happiness and freedom from suffering of everybody living in this world – no matter how close or distant they seem to us from our own personal perspective.

Our Website is online now!

The official Website is www.karmapa-europe.eu There you have access to all important information, news and changes.

Additionally we will inform you via Newsletter and Facebook as well!

Information Office

We established an Information-Office for the Karmapa Visit.
Please use our official website as well to gather the information requested.


The ticket sales for the Events with H.H. Karmapa in Bonn will start on

Monday August 3rd at 10 pm CET
on our official website

Standard tickets are valid for all four days for the events of Kamalashila Institute at the Maritim Hotel. They include entry on all four days of the teachings and empowerments by His Holiness the Karmapa at the Maritim Bonn. The tickets cost € 150 to € 399 for all four days depending on the seat location.

All practical details you find here: www.karmapa-europe.eu/en/practical

Benefactor-Tickets | Karmapa in Europe 2015

Like any event of a non-profit association Karmapas journey is borne by supporters and their donations. Every kind of support of H.H.the XVII. Karmapas activities is heartfelt appreciated.
Thus the 2nd tour of the XVII. Karmapa to Europe can become as touching and inspiring as it was in 2014. For the well-being of the individual and for the well-being of all.

The benefactor tickets are available in 3 categories: More details about the Tickets and the services included you can find here:www.karmapa-europe.eu/tickets

You have questions or want to learn more about the options for donations?

Don`t hesitate to contact Simone Dorau-Schweika, she is our Sponsoring commissioner. She will be happy to hear from you and will gladly answer your questions about a sponsorship.

Telefon: +49 (0)176  845 10 300


As it is the case for many charitable events, the Karmapa’s visit is only possible througt the support of many volunteers actively engaged prior to the event as well as during the event. Your charitable contribution helps to maintain moderate admission prices and preserves the spiritual nature of this non-profit event.

If you are interested in volunteering, please consider the following information You can register as a volunteer by filling out our registration questionnaire.

Volunteer Accommodation - A call to the people of Bonn

The Volunteers of the Karmapa event in Maritim Hotel are looking for accommodation in Bonn - many of our volunteers come from far away in order to help realizing the event for all of us.

Time Period: Wednesday 26.08. (arrival) until Monday, 01.09. (departure)

If you want to offer accommodation for one or more volunteers, please contact our volunteer organiser for more info:

Anette Christl | Mobile +49 172  82 940 49 | Mail: volunteer@karmapa-europe.eu

Donate now!

The visit of H.H. 17th Karmapa brings along significant costs for transport, security, travel, accommodations, catering, technics and administration.

Ticket Sales alone don't cover the costs alone. Therefore we are dependent on donations. Please donate today and join us in supporting this visit of H.H. the XVII. Karmapa to Europe.
Any amount is gratefully received.
Donate now !


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