Additional photographs from His Holiness Karmapa's visit to America 2015

2015 HHK Karma Pakshi - Sarite Sanders

2015 HHK Woodstock talk - Robert Hansen-Sturm

2015 HHK Woodstock talk - Sarite Sanders

2015 HHK Karma Pakshi – Stephanie Colvey

2015 HHK Karma Pakshi - Robert Ha nsen-Sturm

2015 KTD HHK - Dawa Sangmu

2015 - HHK Earth Day - Sarite Sanders

2015 - HHK Earth Day - Robert Hansen-Sturm

2015 - HHK Church - Stephanie Colvey

2015- HHK KTD Mahakala – Stephanie Colvey

2015 HHK KTD 4-20 - Sarite Sanders

2015 HHK KTD 4-19 - Stephanie Colvey

2015 HHK UPAC - Sarite Sanders

2015 HHK UPAC - Robert Hansen-Sturm

2015 HHK UPAC Stephanie Colvey

2015 HHK’s Arrival at KTD - Robert Hansen-Surm

2015 HHK’s Arrival at KTD - Sarite Sanders

2015 HHK’s Arrival at KTD - Stephanie Colvey

On April 16, 2015, His Holiness the Karmapa visited USIP.

University of Redlands, March 24-25

Images of Gyalwa the 17th Karmapa on March 19, 2015 at a public talk at the Craneway Pavilion

2015-03-17 Karmapa at Stanford


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