The Gift of Pure Intention: Gyalwang Karmapa Thanks the Guru Sevakas

Tergar Monastery, Bodhgaya
28 December, 2014

As the Monlam expands into a major festival, the infrastructure grows with it. This year there are twelve thousand people attending from fifty countries. Currently four hundred volunteers are divided into twenty teams to provide the infrastructure:  cleaning, serving tea, preparing food, arranging seating, registering attendees and members, preparing tormas etc. There are technicians for the webcast, writers for the website, photographers videographers and translators.  Considering the number and diversity of workers, the shrine room at Tergar Monastery for the meeting with His Holiness was unusually quiet. Each work team occupied a separate aisle and sat waiting patiently for the arrival of the Guru, while chanting mantras.

The Karmapa arrived on time, sat at a low table and addressed the audience with the kind of  familiarity that indicates an old friendship .

To all of you who have come here to volunteer for Guru Sevaka, or serving the guru, on this occasion of the 32 Kagyu Monlam, I’d like to express warm greetings. As the Kagyu Monlam’s activity expands and its international presence gets bigger, there is the obvious need to support it in many different ways and you’re all supporting it, particularly with your genuine, pure intention. I’d like to express my sincere personal appreciation and gratitude for that, as well as on behalf of the Kagyu Monlam.

All of us have work to do, and we don’t have time to talk a lot. Initially I wanted to give you the printout of an image of Vajrasattva that I painted, as a token of my appreciation and gratitude.  Actually I did it some time ago and it didn’t turn out well. So I did not feel comfortable giving it away, and I had it locked up. I’ve done another painting, but with so much going on, I didn’t get a chance to get it printed.  As a token of auspiciousness, I have a hand-mala to share with all of you, as well as an image of Gesar of Ling.

The Karmapa then handed out a lustrous carnelian mala to each person in turn; and generously added a striking image he painted of Tibet's warrior king, Ling Gesar, a hero similar to King Arthur, whose prowess in magical battles forms an epic legend sung by bards since the 12th century.

2014.12.28 The Gift of Pure Intention: Gyalwang Karmapa Thanks the Guru Sevakas 噶瑪巴接見發心菩薩


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