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Footprints of the 16th Karmapa

Purelands Retreat Centre, Samyeling. The two footprints were made on the rock by H H 16th Karmapa. Akong Rinpoche and Lama Yeshe remembered the Karmapa had kicked this big rock many years before on a visit to Samyeling. They found it and dug it out, placing it where it now stands. During our retreat one of the footprints was visible, but by the end two were visible. Gyamtso-La put butter on them and they became clearer. Big blessings and a magical thing. If I have made any mistakes in retelling the story, sorry, just how I recall it.

Tony Chodrak

84000 at Karmapa’s Berlin Visit

Contributing writer: Casey A. Kemp During H.H. Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s first visit to Europe, 84000 was honored to have an information table at his teachings in Berlin, June 5th-8th, 2014. The four-day program, with over 1,500 people in attendance each day, was a packed schedule of teachings given by H.H. Karmapa that included talks on mind training, environmental sustainability and a special event for youth. 84000 volunteer team at work. Photo: Julia Homilius Many visitors to 84000’s table had not heard about the project, but when they were told of its mission to translate the words of the Buddha into modern languages and to support translators of Buddhist literature, there was unanimous support. People were particularly inspired when they learned about the fast progress that 84000 is making in translating the Tibetan Kangyur into English. Several people mentioned that it may be the most important current project to sustain Dharma globally. One volunteer, who also translates for 84…

Chamling gets central assurances on Rumtek Karmapa (Kalimpong News)


SNS, Gangtok, 18 July 2014: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has managed to extract assurances from the Central government on the Rumtek Karmapa issue. After a meeting with Union ministers Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari and minister of state Prakash in New Delhi on Wednesday, Mr Singh assured the CM that they would consider the Karmapa issue on positive light at the earliest, according to a press release issued by the state government here today.
In the meeting with Mr Singh, Mr Chamling reiterated some issues of the state still pending with the centre, such as the demand for reservation of Limboo-Tamang seats in the Legislative Assembly and granting permission to the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje to take “his seat” at the Rumtek Monastery, and inclusion of “left-out” ethnic sikkimese Nepali communities in the Schedule Tribe list. Apprising the Union finance minister, Arun Jaitley, of the fiscal position of the state, Mr Chamling handed over a memorandum, r…

Selected Articles

The Qualities of the Gyalwa Karmapa by Tai Situ Rinpoche1999/11/9
Teaching on His Holiness Karmapa by Kenpo Karthar Rinpoche1999/2/20
The 1st Karmapa
Early Karmapa with FootprintsbyRubin Museum
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The 16th Karmapa
Retrospective of the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa's visits to America (Shambhala)by Acharya Jeremy Hayward1974

The 17th Karmapa's praise for the 60th birthday anniversary of Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche

Always stern, you aren't given to fake smiles. 

Always direct, you don't flatter nor ingratiate.

Mostly abiding within the ascetic conduct of silence,

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

Ever content no matter how the attendants serve you.

Painstakingly precise in the rituals of the tantras.

You are strong headed when it comes to dharma.

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

You feel utter disgust when it comes to worldly affairs.

You are ready to risk your own life when it comes to Buddha's teachings.

So devoted, you always think of only your guru.

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

There's no difference for you even if all appearance and existence turns upside down,

Yet you feel deep sadness when even rabbits and guinea pigs die.

Free from the joy and pain of compliments and criticism, you are a siddha.

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

Ema! You are the true savior of the lineage of the Victorious One.

Through great kindness, y…

Announcement - Second Annual Arya Kshema Winter Dharma Gathering

8th – 24th January, 2015

The Second Arya Kshema Winter Dharma Gathering will be held from 8th – 24th January, 2015 at Tergar Monastery, in Bodhgaya.
Nuns representing different Kagyu nunneries will gather together to debate on
“Beginning and Intermediate Logic” from the Collected Topics.
Teachings  begun last year on The Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa will be continued.
This is the second year of this important Winter Gathering for nuns, which was established by the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje to support and encourage nuns. His vision is to empower nuns through a rigorous education, and to give them the same educational and practice opportunities accorded traditionally to monks.
As his Holiness states:  “Nuns require the full practice of the three trainings in order to uphold the Buddhadharma properly.”

January 8–13:         Teachings and discussions on logic Jan. 14:                   Free time Jan. 15:                  Chöd Puja “A String of Jewels” Jan. 16–19:          …

His Holiness the XVIth Karmapa Lama of Tibet

The Sixteenth Karmapa Lama, supreme spiritual head of the Kargyu school of Tibet, was an incredible being. He was one of those rare beings of whom it may be said, here indeed was a living Buddha, a fully realized "awake" human being. It is hard to describe him. His personality radiated in a tremendous way, his love was palpable, and though he walked amongst us as a man, one was left with the impression that behind the human personality there existed an ancient, unmoving vastness - the Buddha-mind itself. The Karmapa was utterly fearless.

When we first came to hear of the Karmapa, he was a refugee-Lama from Tibet, residing in Rumtek, Sikkhim. The first to tell me about this incredible Enlightened Master was one of his more ardent devotees, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, when I was a kid of seventeen years old, but I really did not come to know the Karmapa personally until many years later. I remember, in the monastery, under Trungpa Rinpoche's abbotship, we westerners used to d…