2nd Kagyu Monlam Animal Medical Camp

Source: Catherine Schuetze

His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa's vision is to relieve the suffering of all beings, including animals. Therefore, the 2nd Kagyu Monlam Animal Medical Camp will take place from 2-8th December 2014 at the Kagyu Monlam Pavilion, Sujata Bye-pass road, Bodhgaya. Volunteers from the Sikkim Anti-Rabies Animal Husbandry Division, Tibet Charity India, England and Australia are working hard on various animal programs. One team will conduct a surgical steralisation, anti-rabies vaccination and general treatment for dogs. Another team will staff a clinic for local animals. A third team will visit all the villages in Bodhgaya district to treat sick and injured animals and a fourth team will conduct an education campaign in schools and monasteries on animal welfare, dog bite prevention and anti-rabies. With thanks to the Brigitte Auloy, Brigitte Bardot Foundation, and Karma Chodrak Monlam, Kagyu Monlam International Trust for sponsoring the program.

Dr Thinlay Bhutia and Dr Phurba Lepcha ready to spread the message throughout Bodhgaya about the program and free medical care for animals.
The team after a hard day working to set up the operating theatre, dog kennels and prepare the dog catching truck.
Setting up a temporary cage for isolation of infectious dogs.
Cutting and rolling surgical swabs.
Dr Ruth Pye and Tongkor Lobsang Thubchoworking on the first patient. Although the program officially starts tomorrow morning, a few patients just couldn't wait any longer. 
Dr Ruth Pye and Dr Kirsty Officer in the newly erected tent based operating theatre at the Kagyu Monlam Animal Medical Camp.
The vet team stringing flowers just now to welcome His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa who will inaugurate the 2nd Kagyu Monlam Animal Medical Camp this morning. Special guest is Shri Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Gaya District Magistrate. He has deputed 10 of his government veterinarians to assist in the program.
His Holiness Karmapa visiting the operating theatre this morning to inaugurate the 2nd animal medical camp. The District Magistrate of Gaya listens while Dr Thinlay Bhutia and Dr Helen Byrnes explain the working of the operating theatre.
His Holiness and Drs Diki, Thinlay and Helen from the SARAH program listen while the District Magistrate of Gaya requests their help in establishing a street dog steralisation and anti-rabies program for the dogs of Gaya district. Rabies is a big problem in Bihar with poor rural children mostly infected and dying from this tragic but preventable disease.
Dr Diki Palmu Sherpa gives an interview to the local media on the Kagyu Monlam Animal Medical Camp while His Holiness and the District Magistrate look on.
His Holiness gives Dolkar a hug after she shyly offered him a bunch of flowers. She is the daughter of Dr Thinlay Bhutia and Dr Diki Palmu Sherpa and the youngest (and cutest) member of the vet team.
The Kagyu Monlam Animal Medical Team having a special audience with Dzonskar Kyentse Rinpoche under the Bodhi tree, Bodhgaya.
The whole team pose infront of the Mahabodhi Stupa. Taking some well earned time off. 
The super duper SARAH team, gathered in a holy place. Fruits of their merit- saving so many lives in Sikkim.


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