Meaningful Life

His Holiness The Karmapa: 

"When I see the happiness and joy in the eyes of the people, I feel my life is meaningful. I feel that all I have done has had some meaning. I always think, from the bottom of my heart, my strength is coming from others, people like you. Because you have so much hope and aspiration in me, I can become stronger even though facing lots of challenges. I can be more patient because of your aspirations. I’m not so happy, but a meaningful life is more than happiness. Happiness is temporary. True meaning in our lives has to go much deeper than the feeling of happiness; the meaning and purpose has to pervade our lives. It has to be there even when we are sleeping. A meaningful life has to be purposeful. Not just for me but for other beings. We are interdependent so we live interdependently. So if I am to live a purposeful and meaningful life, I have to live it for the benefit for others.I can find meaning and dignity in working for the benefit of others. That is the essence and purpose of my life.” 

... from his very touching teaching  heart advice for a meaningful life  in Berlin, Germany June 5th 201, photo Estrel Convention Centre, Berlin


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