Newsletter No9 - Countdown | Important Nürburgring Infos | Prayer Flags

Dear friends, sponsors, and interested parties

One more week...

...and H.H. Karmapa again sets foot on european ground, the journey begins.
The Kamalashila Institut®, Bodhicharya Berlin and numerous volunteers are working around the clock to make the last preparations. We do all we can in order to make this visit of H.H. Karmapa a beneficial and joyful experience for all of you.


Frequently asked questions: Nürburgring
Tickets | Entrance | Security | Shuttle

We compiled many new information in order to prepare you for your visit at the Nürburgring regarding the following topics:
  • Entry time
  • Tickets / Event-Wristband
  • Security check
  • Shuttle for train travelers
  • and much more

Please visit our website and read it carefully:

Selfmade Prayer Flags for H.H. Karmapa

During the Stupa Inauguration in Kamalashila Institute on June 1st we will offer self-made prayer flags to H.H. 17th Karmapa.

Please help us bring together more than 600 flags made by people all over the world!

How can I contribute?

  1. Share your wishes, blessings, drawings and words of Wisdom on a square fabric of natural quality (cotton, linen etc).
  2. Please use a white or unbleached fabric. The color white symbolizes Wisdom in Tibetan Buddhism. (We also collect colored flags, but we ask you to make a flag on white fabric).
  3. The flag size should be 20 x 20 cm.
  4. You can use pencils, paint, ink or any other drawing material you like.
  5. When finished you can send your Prayer flag to:
  • Kamalashila Institute
    : Wisdom Prayer flags
    Kirchstraße 22
    56729, Langenfeld
>> When you attend the event, you can also bring your flag(s) with to Nürburgring.

With the Prayer flags we will send our blessings to the Winds of Wisdom, honour 2014 - Year of the Windhorse - and raise Good Fortune for the Stupa. Please share this message to help us to reach as many people as possible.

Thank You! Namasté

Trailer and Video about the Karmapa visit

This wonderful film about H.H. Karmapa was produced by tOm Zachmeier especially for this years visit of H.H. Karmapa in Europe - we are working on an english subtitle at the moment but don't want to make you wait to see it already in german. May you get joyfully inspired watching it. 

Thank you to all that worked on making this film possible: tOm Zachmeier, Rainer Strecker & Carolina Vera, Chris Hinze & Sina Vodjani, Clemens Kuby and our special gratitude goes to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.

Additionally we add an english video here as well :) Enjoy!


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