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Dear friends, sponsors and interested parties

This is the first email of our official newsletter for the Karmapa European Visit 2014. The long-awaited Visit of H.H. 17th Karmapa is approaching and the preparations are well on the way.

We are happy to announce to you the certain and current information. In the upcoming days and weeks you will also receive important News about Ticketing, Online-Donations and much more.

Content of this newsletter:

The official Website is online!

The official Website is www.karmapa-germany.de/en There you have access to all important information, news and changes.

Additionally we will inform you via Newsletter and Facebook as well!

Information Office

We established an Information-Office for the Karmapa Visit. Please use our official website as well to gather the information requested.

Phone: +49 2655 939049
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 1pm (German time)


Our ticket sale for the events in Kamalashila Institute and Berlin will begin in the second half of April on our Webseite!

Accommodation/Arrival Kamalashila Institute

Accommodation Kamalashila Institute

The Kamalashila Institute is not available for accommodation during the Karmapa Visit. But we composed a list of many accommodations in the local area for you:
You can send your requests via our online-form to our Information Office. We will forward your requests to the travel agency in charge.
In association with a regional travel agency we have composed a  list of accommodations including contact information. With that you can contact the accommodation directly and personally - if you contact them via email, please useKarmapa 2014 as the email subject.

Arrival and Shuttle Service Kamalashila Institute

Driving your own car to Langenfeld and the surrounding area is not possibledue to the expected size of the events.

There will be central parking lots, with shuttle service to and from the venue in Langenfeld.

We will also set up shuttles to a nearby train station for those arriving by train.

Details about transportation will follow soon.

Accommodation and Arrival Berlin

More information is coming soon regarding Accommodation and Arrival in Berlin.
In the meantime please contact karmapa-berlin-2014@bodhicharya.de


We are dependent on Donations. The visit of H.H. the 17th Karmapa brings along significant costs for transport, security, travel, accommodation, catering, technology and administration.

Ticket Sale alone cannot cover the costs. Therefore we are dependent on donations. Please donate today and join us in supporting this historic first visit of H.H. the 17th Karmapa to Europe. Any amount is gratefully received. 

All information at a glance:






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