Information about the visit of H.H. the Karmapa to Kamalashila Institute

28th May to 1st June 2014

Dear friends,
The worldwide response to the announcement of the visit of HH Karmapa in Europe has been tremendous. Surely the expression of the great joy we all share in hearing this wonderful news.
Currently we are in the process of organizing everything for this event, -tickets, accommodations, travel and shuttle services. We will inform you all about these things as soon as we know them. Until this information is available we have to ask you for your patience!

Please stay tuned to our website and our Facebook and Twitter accounts

The following information we can offer you already:

During the event there will be no accommodations available at Kamalashila Institute. We will provide further information about accommodations in the region (Hotels, guesthouses, campsites) as well as contacts for searching and booking accommodations soon. Again, we ask for your patience.

Starting in April it will be possible to purchase tickets for events with H.H. at Kamalashila Institute (and in Berlin) on our website. Further registration for the events will not be necessary.
Arrival and Shuttle Service

Due to the expected size of the events it will not be possible to drive with your own car to Langenfeld and the immediate surrounding area. There will be central parking lots, with shuttle service to the venue in Langenfeld and back. We will also set up shuttles to a nearby train station for those arriving by train. More detailed information about transportation will follow soon!

The nearest Airport for flights from Europe is Bonn/Cologne (CGN), for flights from outside Europe Frankfurt a.M. (FRA).

At the event venue in Langenfeld vegetarian hot food, snacks and drinks will be available.

The visit of H.H. the Gyalwang Karmapa to Kamalashila Institute will be possible only through the support of volunteers. We ask those who can to support this historic event with volunteer service by registering via the online-questionnaire which will be posted online soon.


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