Information about accomodation

We are happy to provide further information about accommodation in the area as well as contacts for searching and booking accommodation now!

Arrangements for accommodation can be made via:

Please contact the travel agency and Tourist office via Email!

Travel Agency Bell GmbH
> Arrangements of accommodation and Shuttle services / Area Mayen, Nurburgring
Contact: Mrs. Cremer and Mr. Hoyer

Tourist Office Ahrtal / Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
> Arrangements of accommodation / Area Arthal
Fon: +49(0)2641 9171 0
Fax: +49(0)2641 9171 51
Website: (Online booking available)

Camp sites

Campsite Müllenbach (Nurburgring)
53520 Müllenbach
Phon. +49(0)2692-224
Prices: Per Person/Day 13,00 €
For tents, cars, mobile homes
No pre-registration necessary!
Very big camp site (3000 sqm), located at the Nurburgring. Small Supermarket and Restaurant available. Sanitary facilities with sufficient showers and toilets – cheap, very simple, not very well maintained.

Campsite Ahrbrück (Ahrtal)
Gut Pützfeld
53506 Ahrbrück
Phon.: +49(0)2643 6335 or +49(0)178 6811826
E-Mail :
Prices: please see Website!
For tents, cars, mobile homes
Registration required!
Well maintained camp site, aprox. 40min drive from Langenfeld. Very good infrastructure (Bakery, Supermarkets, Restaurant).

Arrival and Shuttle Service
Due to the expected size of the events it will not be possible to drive with your own car to Langenfeld and the immediate surrounding area. There will be central parking lots, with shuttle service to the venue in Langenfeld and back. We will also set up shuttles to a nearby train station for those arriving by train. More detailed information about transportation will follow soon!

The nearest Airport for flights from Europe is Bonn/Cologne (CGN), for flights from outside Europe Frankfurt a.M. (FRA).


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