Precious Photos of Sixteenth Karmapa, part 3

Black Crown Ceremonies

In Southeast Asia

Malaysia 1974

Arriving in Singapore


HH with Da Xiong Fa Shi

1976-1981 in Asia

With Kyabje Ling Rinpoche

Karma Pakshi Empowerment

Meeting with all the "heart sons" and Beru Khyentse and Ponlop Rinpoche in Delhi 1980

The 16th Karmapa came to Whitehorse, Yukon in late March '77.

Giving personal audience

Giving personal audience.
He was chanting.
The Lamas are going for a helicopter ride.

His Holiness being treated to a Dogsled ride by a local team owner

Going back home

Karmapa's Visit to Crestone, CO in 1980

His Holiness the XVIth Karmapa with Hanna Strong and Ngödrup Burkhar, His Holiness' translator (holding the seed jar).

His Holiness the XVIth Karmapa with Tenzin Choney, President of KTC.

Taking leave of Karmapa 1981

Arrival of the Kudung in Rumtek

The Kudung of HH arrives in Rumtek

Ponlop Rinpoche in front of the cremation stupa

Beru Khyentse , Trangue, Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoches during the cremation

Tenga Rinpoche during the cremation


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