Gyalwang Karmapa Meets Students of Second Chance Program (CTA)

September 10, 2013 3:53 pm

New Delhi: His Eminence Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje met with participants of the Second chance programme organised by the Department of Home in collaboration with Empowering the Vision office and Tibetan Career Center based in Delhi. The programme was aimed at creating job opportunities for the unemployed youths.
Gyalwang Karmapa expressed his happiness in meeting the group and said, “I have time and again heard about the issue of unemployment in our community and the challenges faced by young Tibetans in finding works. Many successful people in the world had to face a lot of problems in their lives. If one doesn’t lose ones hope and continues to work hard, success is inevitable. Therefore, the pure determination to face the challenges is very important.”
“We Buddhist believe in impermanence… You have got this second chance. Believing this change has come for good, make best use of this opportunity. Hope is imperative, one should never lose it,” he added.
Second Chance Programme is an initiative of Delhi and Gurgaon based organisations – Ritinjali and Pallanvanjali – for students who have not been able to continue their studies in school. The students are mostly between 17 – 24 years of age.
Empowering the Vision Project found this opportunity for unemployed youth through Mr. Arun Kapur who chairs the ENVISION Trust and also heads Ritinjali.
Started in April this year, 21 young Tibetans are provided free food and home during the course of 12 months of training and internship. They are from Tibetan settlements; Kollegal, Mundgod, Mainpat, Chandragiri, Ladakh and Nepal. TechNoServe India funded some of these needy students’ travel from their settlements to Delhi.
The 21 young Tibetans have already begun their internships with different organisations in and around Delhi, which include Sarovar Hotel and JW Thompson Groups.


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