Tenga Rinpoche - A Short Guru Yoga on the Root Lama Karmapa

A Short Guru Yoga on the Root Lama Karmapa

Above my head upon a lotus, the Sun and the Moon is the Root Lama Orgyen Vajradhaha.
Dressed with ornaments, he holds vajra and bell and sits cross legged, Embodiment of all Lamas,
Buddha Karmapa, manifest the accomplishments of Mahamudra I Embodiment of all Yidams,
Supremely powerful vajra, grant the ordinary and ultimate accomplishments here and now !
Embodiment of all Dharmapalas, Orgyen Vajradhara, grant the Four Activities, effortlessly and spontaneously!
Embodiment of all, wish-fulfilling jewel, transfer the wonderful strength of your mind and aspiration.
Grant the accomplishment of Buddhahood in this very life!
Staying in the state in which the Lama’s mind and my mind are inseparable, I recite.
Karmapa khyeno!  After the accumulation:
The Lama dissolves into light and is inseparable with my mind.
Through this merit, may all the beings swiftly achieve the Four Kayas!

This short Guru Yoga of the Buddha Karmapa, a practice to receive his blessing and inspiration, was composed by the one who is called the Tulku of Tenga.


  1. Can I practice this guru yoga without empowerment or transmission?


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