In regard to youth in the world today, what do you think their responsibilities are?

Q: In regard to youth in the world today, what do you think their responsibilities are?

HHk: I think that since we have become the human generation on earth…as we are humans we protect ourselves. Similarly we have existed together with other beings. So we have carried the responsibility to exist in harmony with those other beings as much as was appropriate. But presently, the human population is greatly increasing. And likewise, from all sides, the capability of humans to rule the earth is increasing in strength. For this reason, the way we carry the responsibility of protecting ourselves and similarly our entire relationship between other beings. We unhurriedly carry the responsibility of protecting the welfare of other beings. And then together with the improvement of our material situation, we are forgetting to think about the protection of other beings. Most people go on this earth mistakenly led by the deceptive power of material wealth and illusion. Because it is like this, truly the most important responsibility that the youth of the 21st century need to take on is: How much can our present behavior safeguard the object of our focus, ourselves? And like that, in the relationship between us and other beings, how are we benefiting them or not. We need to do a detailed analysis of this. Besides thinking about progressing in all directions, we need to strengthen our thinking about taking responsibility. I think this is very important.


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