Memories, Dreams and Reflections of the 16th Karmapa: The Dream that Changed my Life

by Eva Krebs
It started during the Rinchen Terdzo Wangs given by Kalu Rinpoche in Sonada in 1983. During the holidays I was planning to go with a friend to Nepal. The morning we were leaving from Sonada, a monk came to my door saying: “Don’t go to Nepal, go to Bodhgaya. It is a good opportunity to go”. My friend agreed so we decided : “Ok, let’s go to Bodhgaya.”
The three of us, the monk my friend and I, all went to Bodhgaya. It was July and we stayed at the Lotus guesthouse, almost the only guesthouse there was in Bodhgaya at that time.
That night I  had a very vivid and clear dream of H.H. the 16th Karmapa whom I had never met in reality. In the dream he put his hand on my back while I was bowing down and blessed me. Then he said: “Now it is finished with boyfriends, now it is the Buddha’s time.”
When I woke up from the dream my body was pervaded by an inner fire and my mind was in a very special state for hours after that. I felt blessed as never before.  I thought:’Truly the Karmapa. came to visit me in the dream.’ But being very new in Tibetan Buddhism and being a child of the sixties, I also thought, his blessing was truly awesome but he can’t possibly mean that I am not going to have a boyfriend anymore, that wouldn’t make sense. 
However, after that there were many years in which naturally no relationship with a boyfriend came into my life. I met my root lama Jamgon Kontrul Rinpoche and very one -pointedly was able to learn the dharma thanks to the blessing of H.H. Karmapa.


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