Long Life Prayer for the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes:
A Prayer for the Long Life of the All Pervading Holder of the Doctrine: the Almighty Vajra

Om Soti

King of the Shakya, endowed with the full abundance of the ten powers

Lord of the World, Ocean of Glorious Ones
and Embodiment of Compassion, the Noble Lotus Born Vajra,
all who are the source of refuge, today, please bestow the conditions of virtue.

Preceded by the dawn light of your intention
like that of a mother for her children,
your supreme emanation like the sun is radiant
with the marks and signs of the Buddha.
Exquisite dawn for the fortunate ones in this realm
that you illuminate,
You are the hope and benefit of us all!

Abundance who knows the Dharma Scripture
and the Dharma of Realization transmitted by the Glorious One,
Great Embodiment of the Ocean of Compassion that extends everywhere,
who has perfectly attained the spontaneous activity of empowerment,
to the Holder of the Vajra, the Karmapa, I bow!

Master of the perfect mode of liberation,
the full pearl rosary of the succession of previous Karmapas,
imbued with the stainless aura of deeds to uphold the transmission
Glorious Lord of Beings, I pray you live long!

The fluttering expanse of the fine fabric of spiritual knowledge
is embellished by the pinnacle gem of your full realization and experience
supported on the golden staff of your complete examination of truth;
Supreme Incarnation, Victory Banner of the Transmission, may you live long!

From Marpa of Lhodrak and the others, crown ornament of siddhas,
you have obtained the treasury of instructions of the ocean of siddhas;
protector who guards and spreads the transmission of the family of siddhas,
Lord of the Mandala of Supreme Accomplishment, may you live long!

May you adopt under your care the realms wherever activity may be manifest,
in India, China, Tibet, East, and West, in every corner of the world,
so that the roots of supreme happiness for the diversity of beings are established
and the excellent tradition replete in the wealth of Dharma spread!

Through the tremendous power of the splendor of the truth
of the lamas, yidams, and the Three Jewels,
the union of Dharmata and Interdependence, the foundation of all things,
and these true words of pure, supreme intention,
may these objects of aspiration be effortlessly
and spontaneously fulfilled.


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