Life of Milarepa ( A Play on 2 DVDs + 1 CD) (In Tibetan with English and Chinese Subtitles)

Author: H.H. 17th Karmapa
Format: 2 DVDs + 1 CD + Booklet

What can happen when a man commits great evil and then regrets.... 

A play composed and supervised personally by His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje.

This live performance of the amazing story of Milarepa's life was staged on Buddhism's most sacred ground of Bodhgaya under a canopy of shimmering stars on New Year's night, 2010. 

Watch an ordinary man become Tibet's most revered master. 
Early in life, Milarepa kills 35 people. Later driven by intense regret, he undergoes great hardship in search of the Dharma. Dismayed by suffering in his youth, within a single lifetime, this average man reaches a state beyond all suffering, and accomplishes all his own and others' aims. 

1-1     舞台劇源起/The Making of "The Life of Milarepa" 
1-2     開場/Opening         
1-3     第一幕 出生與苦難/Act One: Birth and Painful Experiences         
1-4     第二幕 黑法與悔悟/Act Two: Destroying the Enemies         
1-5     第三幕 求法與苦行/Act Three: Meeting the Lama and Practicing with Determination         
2-1     第四幕 返鄉與隱居/Act Four: The Return Home and Meditation in the Mountains         
2-2     第五幕 成就教法與眾生的利益/Act Five: Benefitting the Dharma and Beings         
2-3     第六幕 成就者的死亡/Act Six: Passing into Nirvana and the Spread of the Teachings         
2-4     終曲/Epilogue:         
3-2     三祖師祈請文/Supplication to the Three Great Masters         
3-6     覺悟世間虛妄歌/Solemn Commitment to Lead a Meaningful Life by Practicing Dharma         
3-7     滿意歌/The Fulfillment of a Yogi's Wish         
3-8     中觀正說/An Authentic Portrait of the Middle Way         
3-9     發願歌/Mila's Aspiration


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