How Can We Deal with Everyday Distractions?

External things, why they can not hold on to us, our experiences is that we become compulsively attached to them. These days, there is a lot to distract us due to the proliferation of technology. Because of this proliferation, we are increasingly exposed to external distractions capable of seducing and distracting the mind. Its seems we are living in an age of tremendous growth and expansion. 

However, we need to consider this: are external things really distracting us? Are the things at fault? Or it is that our mind is clinging to external phenomena?Is it our latent tendency of attachment that is at fault? This is what we need to consider.If the former is true, if outer things are distracting us, if there is something inherently in external things that is at fault, then all we can do is try to avoid them. Since we can never completely avoid external phenomena, really taming distraction would be difficult. However, if it is the mind that is at the root of our distraction, then we can do something about it. We can modify our cognitive behavior, we can be vigilant. Instead of avoiding external things, we can work with the attachment itself that arises in the mind. 

If the mind is at the root of the problem, we have the power and freedom to ameliorate our tendency towards distraction. 


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