November 4-7, 2009 - Mysore, India

His Holiness has completed his participation in the November 4-7 conference called TEDIndia, a belated coming-out party at the Infosys campus for the global rise of India and South Asia. Top thinkers from India and elsewhere, from a wide cross-section of disciplines, gave moving talks and shared ideas about how to grapple with and ameliorate some of India’s—and the world’s—most challenging problems through technology (T), education (E), and development (D). His Holiness attended talks and social gatherings for the first three days of the program and made many wonderful connections with talented people working to help the world.
On Friday, November 6, His Holiness took a break from his participation in TEDIndia to lead a prayer service in Mysore, organized by the South Zone Kagyudpa Buddhist Council, for the victims of recent flooding in South Asia.
On Saturday, November 7, before TEDIndia’s live audience as well as those who viewed an international, live webcast sponsored by the Times of India, His Holiness gave his much-anticipated TEDIndia talk. His Holiness covered a wide array of topics, from remarks about his personal and family background to comments about how spiritual practitioners can bring greater benefit to situations such as the sufferings of women around the globe. His Holiness applauded India’s rise on the global economic stage, but also encouraged an approach in which the causes of growth would be in harmony with the planet’s long-term wellbeing and the deeper levels of human happiness.
TEDIndia participants were seen to universally express strong feelings of inspiration and appreciation toward His Holiness’s talk and presence on the stage for the conference’s conclusion.
Video of all of the conference’s talks will be posted by TEDIndia, in a gradual manner, beginning in mid-November. Visit for further information.

2009.11.1-11 法王噶瑪巴出席TED 會議發表演說 Gyalwang Karmapa Visits Mysore and Speaks at TED India

Gyalwang Karmapa visits Mysore and speaks at TED India.


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