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August 5-6, 2009 - Dharamsala His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa presided over the 13th annual Karmae Gunchoe meeting, which was held in Gyuto, Dharamsala. Two representatives of each of the following affiliated Karma Kagyu Shedras attended the meeting: 1.Rumtek Karma Shri Nalanda 2.Palpung Lungrig Jampa Ling 3.Lawa Kagyu Thegchenling 4.Bokar Thoesam Norling Gatsel 5.Kham Ghar Druk Tholob Dharma Kara 6.Nalanda International University The aim of the meeting was to promote Karmae Gunchoe, as a platform to the participating students of different Shedras, as a place where they can exchange their views and broaden their knowledge; furthermore, to give the participating students an opportunity to have discussions with scholars and mutually pray for the long lives of all the masters of different religions and faiths. It was decided at the meeting that the upcoming 13th Karmae Gunchoe will take place at Tergar Monastery, Bodhgaya, India, from November 24th to December 19th, 2009. Lawa Kagyu Theg…

Pure Aspiration,Bodhisattva Activity and a Safe-Climate Future (Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje)

For most of human history, people all over the world had a simple lifestyle that made use of natural resources sustainably, and avoided significant damage to the Earth. In recent times, however, our lives and our relationship with the environment have become increasingly complex—and problematical because we now have tremendous power to harm the living world.
The lifestyle of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is making huge demands on the natural environment. We make unprecedented use of resources such as water, wood, and soil,without correctly understanding what the outcomes will be. In particular, we use fossil fuels recklessly, ignoring the fact that they cause ever higher carbon dioxide emissions, and therefore dangerous global warming as a result. We imagine we need all kinds of cleverly-advertised consumer products, without really evaluating whether they are truly important or useful to us. There seems to be no limit to human desire, but there is clearly a limit …